Competition Info

Early Standard Nationals
Solo $150 $165 $165 / $181.50
Duo/Trio $80 $88 $90 / $99
Group $60 $66 $70 / $77
Line $60 $66 $70 / $77
Extended Line $60 $66 $70 / $77
Production $60 $66 $70 / $77

* Early rates apply to registrations received before standard rates apply.
* Standard rates apply to any registration received after the early rate cut-off date.

      • Each studio may enter a maximum of 50 competition routines
      • If a teacher owns more than one studio, they may compete a maximum of 50 entries for each studio.
      • A dancer may compete with only one of the studios.
      • Exception: A dancer may compete with more than one studio only if those studios are owned by different teachers and that dancer is registered at each of the studios as a regular attending student. Unless authorized prior to the event by LA Dance Magic.
Time Limit  Extended Time Limit  Extended Time Fee Nationals
Solos (1) 3:00 3:30 $5 $8
Duo/Trio (2-3) 3:00 3:30 $5 per dancer $8 per dancer
Group (4-9) 3:00 3:45 $5 per dancer $8 per dancer
Line (10-15) 3:00 3:45 $5 per dancer $8 per dancer
Extended Line (16-24) 4:00 5:00 $5 per dancer $8 per dancer
Production (25+) 6:00 8:00 $5 per dancer $8 per dancer


      • Competition Music can now be uploaded PRIOR to your Convention weekend.  You can upload your must from your studio’s registration page.
      • Teachers please double-check your music after you have uploaded it.  You will be able to play it directly from your registration page.  This is the exact version that will be uploaded, again please make sure it is the correct version.
      • The last day to upload music for an LADM regional event is the Tuesday before that event.  If you need to upload music after the cut off please contact the office.
      • If turning the music in at the event all Flash Drives must be submitted to the registration desk prior to the start of your designated competition session.
      • Music Files must be in an MP3, M4A, and MP4 files.
      • At the event, LADM cannot control the pitch level or speed of the music. Please be sure to upload the accurate version that you would like your dancer to perform to.
      • Studios are required to bring a backup of ALL music, this can be by iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Flash Drive. Any music turned in at the event must be picked up on the last day of the event. Music that is not claimed at the end of the event will be discarded unless previous arrangements were made with the LADM.
      • Mini: 4-6 years old
      • Junior Prep: 7-8 years old
      • Junior: 9-11 years old
      • Teen: 12-15 years old
      • Senior: 16-18 years old
      • Pro: 19 years old and up
      • All ages will be calculated as of January 1, for the current season, including National Finals. For example, ages for our Houston & Denver 2021 events will be calculated as of January 1, 2022, and ages for our Chicago & Anaheim 2022 events will be calculated as of January 1, 2022.
      • No singing allowed. Lip syncing and talking are permitted.
      • In order to compete a Solo, you must be registered in a group, line, ext. line or production routine. Independent students are welcome to perform solos as exhibition and will receive critique from the judges but will not be eligible or announced for awards.
      • Current Magic Performers of the Year are unable to audition for scholarships during their reign. Also, they are unable to compete a solo in regular competition however they are eligible to perform a solo for exhibition only. They may, however, compete in all other competition divisions (duo/trio/small group, etc.)
      • Top Overall winners may not compete that routine at any other regional LADM competition in the same season.  Unless that routine was awarded Top Overall when that routine was the only routine in its age/division.  Example: Mini soloist is the only mini solo in competition, this routine would be allowed to compete again at a second event.
      • Deposit is required in order for any routine to be accepted and scheduled into the competition lineup.
      • A five-point deduction will be taken if routine exceeds the time limit.
      • General props are permitted. No dangerous props, no live animals, no glass.
      • All props will have 2 minutes to be brought on and off stage. If your prop load time is over 2 minutes each judge will deduct 5 points.
      • All competitors must dress in the dressing rooms assigned by L.A.Dance Magic or risk the possibility of disqualification.
      • No coaching from the sideline.
      • All routines must be age appropriate and suitable for family viewing.
      • Courteous behavior must be exhibited at all times at the event.
      • In some cities, there may be FRIDAY COMPETITION.
      • We reserve the right to run ahead and/or behind schedule during competition.
      • Regional competitions will be limited to time available. If the quota is reached before competition cut-off date, your entry may not be accepted.
      • Any prize money not claimed within 14 days of the event will be placed as a credit on the account and valid for one year from the date of the event.
      • Regionals: For prize money to be awarded at a regional competition, a minimum of five routines must be entered in that category. No cash prizes will be awarded in the Breakout and Pro age division.
      • National Finals: For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize money to be awarded at National Finals, a minimum of five routines must be entered in that category. If there are fewer than five routines in that category, then only 1st place prize money will be awarded. If there is only one routine entered in that category, that routine must earn a platinum medal in order to receive 1st place prize money.
      • Xtreme Dance Challenge: In order to compete for National Grand Champion and cash prize there must be 2 or more routines in the age division. If there is only one routine no cash prize will be awarded. To be eligible to perform in the banquet the routine must receive a Platinum score.
      • All decisions made by the judges are final.

Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Open, Musical Theatre, Contemporary

Open Category Guidelines
Your routine is in this category if:

      • It consists of (3) or more tumbling passes
      • It combines styles of dance; i.e. jazz & tap
      • It demonstrates styles of other cultures
      • If you are unsure, call the office

We invite the parents, family & friends to observe competition for free!
Platinum, High Gold, Gold, and Silver all qualify for National Finals!

      • Competing dancers may enter routines in multiple categories, but they may not compete against themselves in the same division, category and age group.
      • Routines entered in the same division, category and age group must have a minimum 50% change in participants.
      • In a routine, 50% of the contestants (in age divisions Mini, JR Prep, Junior, Breakout, Teen or Senior) must be of that age in order to compete in that division. If more than 50% are of a higher age division, then that routine must compete in the higher age division, even though the calculated average age may be of the lower age division.
      • You must be able to provide proof of age for each contestant.
      • Teachers and professionals may not compete; that is one who owns or operates a dance studio, receives payment for instruction or choreography and does not attend primary education.
      • All contestants must be registered, along with a teacher, for the entire convention.
      • In order to compete, a teacher must be REGISTERED AND PRESENT for the entire convention.
      • All performers are expected to perform in their scheduled order & designated session. Performers unable to perform in their designated sessions must contact the office prior to the event. If the office is not contacted, any routines that did not make their designated session may not be able to perform.

You have the option to Pay by Check or Credit Card prior to the event. Only cash or credit cards will be accepted at the door.

      • If paying by check, send separate checks for convention and competition fees. You must submit both checks at the same time.
      • No refunds or cancellations.
      • Only credit cards and cashiers checks will be accepted at the door. No studio or personal checks.
      • Faculty subject to change.
      • We reserve the right to refuse service.
      • All accounts must be paid in full to participate in the convention and competition. In the unlikely circumstances that a studio’s account is unpaid or found with insufficient funds following the event attended, a 15% fee will be incurred.
  • CHAPERONES are required for all dancers aged 15 & under who are staying at the hotel.
  • PLEASE have respect for others at all times. Keep noise level low in your rooms and hallways. Wear cover-ups when leaving the ballroom area. No running in lobby or halls! Use caution on the stairs and in the elevators.
  • No Video or Photography allowed during Competition!!!