Founder Jackie Sleight

To Anyone with a Dream
We love our jobs at LA DanceMagic, but in no way is this just dancing. We’re standing in front of your children, and have the responsibility to be good examples…all of the time. They remember what we say, they take it to heart, they impliment it. The responsibility that goes with that is huge, and it’s always on our minds. We’re not here just for what our dancers will do today in a classroom, we’re here to help build their future, no matter what that future might look like.

We consider ourselves lucky and blessed to be able to pass on things that we have learned from our teachers. That’s how it goes. And someday your kid will pass it on too.

To us, it’s not “just dancing.” Every step they do, every attempt they make, every achievement and every failure is important. It’s what makes them good, honest, responsible, caring.

And that’s the magic that is LADM.