Dance is it for me. No other option. No other choice. And I wouldn't change a thing. I'm in love with dance, I love my crazy job, and I love these kids. I'm living my dream, and I know what it takes to achieve your dreams. it's really kind of simple. Just don't stop.

I'm blessed, honored and grateful to be where I am today, and it's all because I said yes. Yes to work, yes to the challenges, yes to the dream. And then I wouldn't stop.

When I teach, my goal is to ignite a thought or a hope or a dream, and then make my students feel the power to go after it. I want them to fall in love with something. I want them to be doctors, writers, builders, dancers… and I want them to love it and to look forward to the challenges, because that's where the real payoff lies. I want them to say yes, and then not stop.

At LA DanceMagic we have all the wonderful and fun things that one would expect at a convention. We have dance classes, competition, costumes, companies, teachers, lights, dance videos, trophies and all the other stuff. We sing, we laugh, we make friends and memories.

And bigger than that, we have a faculty that shares more than steps, knows more than is imaginable, and cares more than you'll ever believe. That's why I surround myself with them.

So where I began years ago with "just don't stop," has circled around again. I teach, I love it, and I just won't stop.