Albert Cattafi

Roadmap To Creative Competition

Albert Blaise Cattafi’s Let’s Talk About Creative Competition and the Road to take.

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Ballroom Flowchart and Music

Brandon Leffler’s Ballroom Flowchart covering posture, alignment, foot position, New Music and more.

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Brandon Leffler
Chase Benz

Musicality with Students

Encourage students to explore the room, engagin in creative movement and musical expressions.

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College For Dancers Looking To Dance

Christian Vincent’s R.V.I. of JAZZ covering tip and guide for dancers looking to dance in college.

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Christian Vincent
Jason Bernard

Exploring Music and Creative Tap Choreogrpahy

Jason Bernard’s  Tap Tips for Creative Tap Choreography and exploring new music.

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Julie Kay Stallcup

Start To Finish Competition Plan

Julie Kay Stallcup’s Teacher Room featuring the Business Brainstorm!

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Fullout With Feeling and Emotion

Guide to help your students get in touch with their feelings and expressions for their upcoming performances.

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Scott Fowler

Inspirational Play List

Sienna Lyons’ Keeping it Classy and still Sassy covering age-appropriate costumes, music, choreography, and more.

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Sienna Lyons
Will Thomas

Reel World Lessons

Will Thomas’ teaches students about dance one film.

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