Register before the 30 day cut-off to receive this discounted rate.

  • Teacher/Owner $300.00
  • Senior (12 & Up) $255.00
  • Junior (7-11) $240.00
  • Magic Mini (includes 2 Observer Bands) (4 -7) $175.00
  • Observer $50.00

Any registrations received after the 30 day cut-off will charged standard registration fees.

  • Teacher/Owner $325.00
  • Senior (12 & up) $280.00
  • Junior (7-11) $265.00
  • Magic Minis (includes 2 Observer Bands) (4-7) $200.00
  • Observer $50.00

All students must be paid in full to receive discounts. Scholarship recipients and observers are excluded from the studio’s total participant count.

  • 5-14 students = 1 teacher free
  • 15-29 students = 2 teachers free
  • 30-44 students = 3 teachers free 
  • 45+ students = 4 teachers free

You have the option to Pay by Check or Credit Card prior to the event. Only cash or credit cards will be accepted at the door. 

  • If paying by check, send separate checks for convention and competition fees. You must submit both checks at the same time.
  • No refunds or cancellations.
  • Only credit cards and cashiers checks will be accepted at the door. No studio or personal checks.
  • Faculty subject to change.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • All accounts must be paid in full to participate in the convention and competition. In the unlikely circumstances that a studio’s account is unpaid or found with insufficient funds following the event attended, a 10% fee will be incurred.

Need help with your registration? Check out our FAQ page

LA DanceMagic

TEACHERS: You will receive a packet of convention info & materials. Dance & take notes in any ballroom.

ASSISTANT TEACHERS: Dance & take notes in any ballroom.

SENIOR STUDENTS: This is an intermediate to advanced level for ages 12 & up. You may dance in Senior Ballroom only.

JUNIOR STUDENTS: This is an intermediate level for ages 7 & up. You may dance in the Junior Ballroom only.

LADM JUMPSTART: “L.A. DanceMagic is absolutely the best place to introduce your students to convention!” For ages 5 & up. May dance in Jumpstart Ballroom only.

OBSERVERS: Allowed with paid students only; no teachers, studio owners or managers.

LA DanceMagic

Activity and noise level must be kept to a minimum out of consideration to the instructors. Crying babies should be tended to outside the ballroom. Scholarship auditions are closed to observers.