LA Dance Magic Company
The LA DanceMagic Company provides young people with resources to transition from student to professional dancer.

Company members are trained in all areas of dance, and they are educated in the business aspects of the entertainment industry. Company members train under the LADM faculty as well as perform their choreography. Participants in the program are required to commit to the rules set forth by LA DanceMagic.

Subdivisions of the LA DanceMagic Company are Pro Track, Senior Company, Men's Company and Junior Company.
  • LADM Junior

    This experience will mirror the Senior Company, yet it will be geared to our younger dancers. Our Juniors will be mentored not only by our faculty, but also by our seasoned Company members. They will share in the opportunity to be behind the scenes and become an integral part of LA DanceMagic! This is the perfect step to transition to the senior LA DanceMagic Company.


  • LADM Senior

    The LA DanceMagic Company provides young people with the opportunity to experience LADM behind the scenes, work alongside the faculty and staff, and build relationships that will last their entire career. Company members are trained in all areas of dance and are taught the business aspects of the entertainment industry. Members will also train with and perform choreography by the LA DanceMagic faculty. Members are required to commit to the program and rules set forth by LADM.


  • LADM Pro Track

    Our Pro Track members are a select group of dancers that have graduated from the LADM Company, and they are now ready to take on more commitment. The Pro Track members are high school and college age dancers who have the intention of having careers in the entertainment industry. They will learn more in-depth about production, presenting themselves as a professional, and have the opportunity to meet working industry professionals.


  • LADM T.A.P. Company

    The All-Star Project is L.A. DanceMagic’s first-ever tap company directed by Jason Bernard! Our T.A.P. Company will prepare you for Broadway, television, film, and beyond with an extreme focus on discipline, and dedication.


What style of dance company is this?

The Dance Magic Company will specialize in jazz and contemporary, but will also perform tap, hip hop and modern ballet.

Who is the Company Director?

Jackie Sleight is the director. The Company rehearses and studies with the LADM faculty.

Do we have to move to Los Angeles?

No. Company rehearsals will be held at L.A. DanceMagic Conventions.

Will the Company be performing?

Absolutely. The Company will perform at DanceMagic Conventions, National Finals, and various special events.

What are the requirements?
  1. Junior Company members will be required to attend three LA DanceMagic conventions, Senior and Men’s Company members will be required to attend four LA DanceMagic conventions, and Pro Track will be required to attend all tour stops in one convention season. Company members will attend their required cities free-of-charge.
  2. They are responsible for room, airfare, and personal expenses.
  3. There will be a mandatory training program.
  4. They will be required to take company class and assist the faculty while at convention.
  5. Members must consistently meet and follow all requirements listed in their LADM Company contract.
  6. There is a mandatory Company fee. It will be determined at the beginning of each new season.
How many members will there be?

The Company is not restricted to a certain number.

How can I audition for the Company?

Junior Company auditions will be held at Junior Final Cut.

Men’s and Senior Company auditions will be held at Senior Final Cut.

Pro Track members will be hand selected from exceptionally LADM Company members.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes. You will have to agree to terms set forth by L.A. DanceMagic. This contract will include reasons for dismissal including:

  • Drugs, smoking or alcohol will absolutely not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Academic Report Cards will be monitored and an unusual decline in grades can result in dismissal.
  • A positive attitude must be maintained as Company members will be viewed as representatives of L.A. DanceMagic. Gossip, foul language, unattractive or inconsiderate behavior can result in dismissal.
Is there anything else I should know?

We would like everyone who becomes a LADM Company member to bring an open mind, be willing to learn new things, and expect to work hard. We are so excited for another great season. We are looking forward to finding positive, eager dancers who want to share this experience with us!