Kurtis Sprung

Kurtis W. Sprung is a Dancer/Choreographer/Educator born in upstate New York to a small town with big aspirations. He is signed with MSA talent agency on both the east and west coast. His passion stems through the connectivity of free flow, athleticism and Neo Classical Contemporary/Ballet movement. He has trained for twenty years under the direction of Mara and Marlene Merritt, Master Ballet Academy’s Slawomir Wozniak, Irena Wozniak, Zherlin Ndudi and San Francisco Ballet member Bill Gentes. He has received his B.F.A at the University at Buffalo in dance and choreography as well as a BS in Theoretical Mathematics. Kurtis has worked with choreographers such as Mia Michaels, Albert Cattafi, Spencer Liff and Rasta Thomas. He has performed with artists such as Nicole Scherzinger(Pussy Cat Dolls), Ray Parker Jr(Ghost Busters), and live on the Neil Patrick Harris Show. He has performed with companies such as The Bad Boys of Dance, Master Ballet and has been seen in Galas with New York City Ballet and Complexions Contemporary Ballet members. Kurtis has appeared in Music Videos under Matthew Tseng and Anthony Garguila and has taught countless master classes on faculty at Dance Masters of America, LA Dance Magic and regional studios across the country during his “Evolve Dance” Summer Studio Tour. Kurtis is currently the assistant choreographer/soloist at the Phoenix Ballet while looking forward to obtaining his Masters Degree in Kinesiology.